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Anandhi Vivek Dhukaram PhD

Cognitive Systems, Innovation, User Experience & Strategist 


About Me

Over the past 20 years, I have led transformational programmes across several portfolios, achieving significant cost savings and creating a rich capability of people, processes and services. With extensive experience in the public sector, health, finance and eCommerce industries, I have successfully implemented a number of large-scale IT projects, which positively impact customer experience. I have a strong track record, leading organisations from vision through to execution. I am passionate about digital innovation, with main interests in enhancing user experience and in translating customer needs into the design and development through the launch of innovative technologies and solutions. In addition, I sit on the advisory board of startup organisations, providing free mentoring and advisory services to early stage entrepreneurs. 

I hold a Master’s in Business Administration from Warwick Business School, as well as a PhD in Cognitive Systems Engineering from the University of Birmingham. Contact me to discuss.


With my inquisitive and inventive state of mind, I started my entrepreneurial and innovation journey at the age of 12 by helping my neighourhood in delivering shopping and financing. Here is a glimpse of my innovation and entrepreneurship journey,

2019 NemoBot

Under development.

2017 WhyCookFood

WhyCookFood revolutionises food industry by bringing community together with home-cooked meals.

2015 CISDA

CISDA is a systems integration process helped to build decision support systems using ubiqutous internet of things IoT. 

2013 CardiacDSS

Mobile decision support system for cardiac patients self-management with a medicine timer for maintaining health and wellbeing.

2011 TechEL

TechEL is a technology enhanced learning system to promote game-based learning for primary school children.

2010 Banking NFC

Wireless mobile payments using Near Field Communication (NFC) for supermarket and train tickets.

2009 Fintech Biometrics

Mobile biometrics service for banking to authenticate customers to confirm their banking transaction. 

2007 QuickRelo SMS

An automatic SMS texting service for buyers to get property details while driving around the street.

2006 QuickRelo

A mobile and online real estate service developed to reduce efficiency from 10-15 days to 1 hour. 

2005 MobStock

MobStock was aimed at leveraging businesses through an easy to use mobile application service for checking stock. 

2003 MartCentral

Help people to discover and save on 100s of great deals from their local merchants in an online marketplace.

Cognitive Systems

Expertise in cognitive systems engineering  to see the "bigger picture" and to design all crucial aspects of human-to-machine communication. This is used in decision-making, communication, perception, learning, reasoning and action for complex systems, data analytics, AI, machine learning and deep learning. My publications and case studies can be found here.

Cognitive Work Analysis(CWA)

Applied CWA to complex systems in healthcare and public sector to extract and synthesise the process into a model to capture the high-level systems view and inform requirements for the design.

Decision Making

Understand human decisions ranging from routine ill-structured problems to ambiguities. Identified the functions, attributes and drives for modelling decision making in banking, healthcare, eCommerce and public sector.

Strategy & Competency

Strategic analysis to uncover various courses of action people use in performing certain tasks to develop appropriate guidance. Understand user and map the competencies of people and system contraints.

Ecological Interface Design

Applied EID for interface design of complex sociotechnical, real-time, and dynamic healthcare systems. This is currently being used in autonomous vehicle design.


User Experience UX

Responsible for multiple complex projects in UX research and design to translate insights into action for high impact projects with over 10 million users. Planning and reporting on all aspects of qualitative and quantitative research to develop human computer interactions through design thinking and systems thinking. Customer advocate to ensure the highest level of usefulness, desirability and customer satisfaction using Lean UX. Check here for a case study.

Analytical Thinking

Develop strategic goals and priorities for complex issues. Use techniques of operation quality and organizational analysis to improve performance. 


Write strategic documents and deliver presentations to internal and external business leaders. Lead strategic planning & decision-making.


Best practices

Compare and analyse internal practices and performance trends with industry practices and educate leaders. 

Information Seeking

Assess and differentiate data sources for validity, reliability and credibility. Track and synthesize systemic benchmarking trends. 

Data Analytics 

Applied data analytics in public sector, healthcare and eCommerce to get a full picture of user behaviours and demographics to develop profitable product decisions and empower the teams. Prototyped first mobile banking service through a data driven insights for 3+ million customers. 


User Analytics & Data Analytics

Implement user analytics and customer analytics in multiple projects to reduce cognitive errors such as confirmation bias. 


Data Collection

Descriptive Analytics using automated data collection, qualitative and quantitative methods to examine customer data and visualise data.


Data Analysis & Insights

Use extensive tools for reporting on data across teams and business units using modeling tools, such as regression analysis to estimate relationships among variables to predict future user behavior.



Apply A/B and multivariate testing to analyze hypotheses and streamline the user journey by testing new forms, text, images, scenarios and workflows.



For keynote, commercial, industrial, business talks, entrepreneurial talks and speaking engagements, please contact me. Here are some of my scientific presentations.

How not to start-up for Entrepreneurs.

As a serial entrepreneur, I bring in lessons from my failures and other case studies to provide entrepreneurs with essential tools and strategy for success. I have receveid excellent feedback.   

Bridging the gap between user needs and systems implementation.

This high-level talk is aimed at systems engineers and systems designers to positively address the gap between human and systems. Tools like systems mapping and journey tool, and concepts like complexity and scale will deepen your understanding.

Training & Consultation

Systems Engineering traditionally focuses on the technological aspects of system design, such as hardware, software and automation, while ignoring the humans and their work domain. This leads to failures and disasters. My teaching draws on a variety of disciplines, including: Human Factors, Human-Computer Interaction, Decision Making, Cognitive Psychology, Computer Science and other related fields. This helps in delivering efficient systems for AI, machine learning and deep learning in healthcare, banking, eCommerce, autonomous vehicles and other sectors. Contact me with your product information, training requirements, location and budget so I can tailor a course most appropriate to you.


Knowledge and Skills

Tailored 1-5 day online/ onsite training on Cognitive Systems Design, Cognitive Systems Engineering, Human Systems Integration, Work Domain Analysis, Competency & Knowledge Presentations.


Case Study

Case studies, modelling, simulation and design with a joint understanding of theory and practice.


Support and Consultation

Ongoing support and consultation is provided to ensure that the systems are designed using appropriate theory and modelling tools.


A list of some of the clients and companies I have worked for. 



Medical camps for Flood rescue

Organised 20+ medical camps in India for more that 1000 people along with Telephysiatric care.


Yorkshire Dales three peaks walk

Have been doing three peaks walk for more that 8 years in support of charity organised by SEWA.


Stem cells donor campaign

Active volunteer in promoting and registering stem cell donors for Cancer patients.