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AI for Business Partner:
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As an AI consultant and advisor, I can partner with your business to build AI capabilities and help you embrace AI for successful business transformation. Together, we can create a customised plan to systematically accelerate your AI adoption, explore high-impact AI use cases, drive AI innovation, and achieve sustainable AI transformation. Let’s partner to increase your AI readiness, boost AI maturity, and empower your team to create differential advantage.

About me: AI consultant & thought leader

25 years in digital transformation, research & innovation

I am an AI consultant, advisor, and thought leader in AI innovation, strategy, and digital transformation. With a unique blend of research, technical, and business expertise from both academia and industry, I specialise in AI for business transformation developing strategic agility that creates sustainable differential advantage for businesses through cutting-edge theories, research methods, and industry best practices.

As a partner, I help to boost AI maturity by building internal capabilities, empowering teams, and leveraging collective intelligence to accelerate AI adoption, drive innovation, and achieve sustainable transformation.

Whether you’re new to AI or well into your transformation journey, I am committed to navigating cultural challenges and building your AI capability. Let’s partner together to achieve your business goals.


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AI transformation is no longer a choice

AI use case benefits

Businesses are building AI capabilities – are you?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is no longer just a buzzword – it’s the driving force behind industry transformation. Research shows that 87% of global organisations believe that AI technologies will provide them with a competitive edge. And according to IBM, nearly 50% of organisations have applied AI to improve employee efficiency and address skills gaps, resulting in significant transformational returns. But where does your business stand in the AI transformation journey? Are you ready to embrace AI and unlock its potential benefits? Contact me if you need help in your AI transformation journey?

Challenges in AI for business transformation

AI Failures due to lacking of AI strategy, talent and culture

Lack of AI capability or consultants

Despite the revolutionary impact of AI on industries, many AI projects fail due to inadequate strategy, lack of talent, and not solving the right use case. In fact, according to Gartner a staggering 85% of AI projects fail. Whether you’re new to AI or already on your transformation journey, one crucial factor that is often overlooked is the importance of empowering your workforce.

Low business AI maturity

Successful AI transformation goes beyond technology; it’s also about culture and people. As an AI consultant and thought leader, I’ve researched the failure of numerous AI projects and have found that achieving AI maturity is a key challenge for organisations. According to the Accenture AI Maturity survey, less than 3% of organisations in finance and healthcare are considered ‘AI Achievers’. AI maturity doesn’t just include technology capabilities, but also considers organisational strategy, AI governance, C-suite AI readiness, talent, and empowered workforce.

Only 3% of organisations have the right AI maturity to succeed due to lack of AI Training

Overcoming challenges in AI for business transformation

In order to overcome the challenges faced in AI transformation, successful businesses have learned that developing AI requires not only investment in technology, but also in building internal AI capabilities. It’s important for organisations to focus on building internal AI capabilities, while also empowering their workforce with the knowledge and skills needed to find the right AI use cases, ensure strategic alignment with business goals and embrace AI transformation. This involves investing in technology and building a data-centric culture that supports impactful change. Here are some solutions to consider:

Evaluate AI readiness

Bring in an external partner to conduct a thorough assessment of your organisation’s AI readiness to identify gaps and opportunities. Develop a tailored AI transformation plan to bridge the gaps between people, process, technology and data.

Build AI capability

Develop a comprehensive AI training program that focuses on providing the necessary skills and knowledge to empower your management, leaders, business and frontline staff to embrace AI for successful adoption.

Data-centric culture

Habits are hard to change, and cultural changes cannot happen overnight, but investing in building a data-centric culture will enable your workforce to effectively leverage AI and drive impactful change.

AI Strategy & use cases

Don’t solely rely on a consultant’s perspective when it comes to identifying impactful use cases or creating AI strategy for your business. Tap into the collective intelligence of your workforce to fully harness the potential of AI.

Drive AI transformation

Partnering with an experienced AI consultant can help drive AI transformation and achieve your strategic goals. An AI consultant can provide guidance and support throughout the entire AI adoption process.

AI governance & risks

Plan ahead for AI addressing AI government and risks. Ethical use of AI requires skills for addressing governance and risks through policies and frameworks that promote transparency, accountability, and fairness.

Customised AI for business transformation services

Customised AI Training for Managers, leaders and staff

AI training: Build AI capability & data-centric culture

Through customised training for leaders, management and staff, I help you build AI capability, navigate the complex world of AI transformation, mitigate risks, and empower people, not replace them. I provide flexible AI literacy training options as a one-off or ongoing basis to:

Drive data-centric culture to stay ahead by identifying trends and customer preferences for strategic decisions.

Future-proof your organisation by anticipating and adapting to new developments in the technology.

AI strategy & use cases workshop

I can help your business tap into your collective intelligence to solve your organisational challenges, improve efficiencies, and generate a sustainable competitive advantage – something that very few organisations are capable of achieving. Furthermore, you can:

Improve efficiency by identifying opportunities where AI can be used to drive innovation and create a competitive edge.

Aligning AI with your organisation’s strategic goals to achieve sustainable and scalable AI transformation.

AI USe Case and Strategy Workshop & expert guidance

AI advisory for Leaders, Managers and Staff

AI consultant: Drive AI transformation & AI governance

I provide ongoing support to bridge your leadership skills gap for AI transformation.

My goal is to evaluate your AI readiness, create a transformation plan and provide strategic agility to help you identify and seize opportunities for innovation while also maintaining a clear and focused long-term vision.

I will not only help you unlock your current AI opportunities but also look towards the future, considering current trends in research and taking advantage of market opportunities to solve your organisational challenges or improve efficiencies.

Why partner – AI for business transformation

In today’s fast-paced business world, AI is transforming the way organisations operate and making a significant impact on every department, industry, and sector. With the accelerated adoption of AI comes the risks related to data security, inclusion, and ethical accountability. I understand this can be a daunting task. That’s why I offer a human-centred approach to AI that empowers multidisciplinary collaboration and enhances your organisation’s understanding of AI maturity, goals, requirements, and vision.

By tapping into collective intelligence, we can unlock the right use cases for AI and machine learning, create AI strategy and governance to help you achieve a transparent, ethical, and inclusive AI by bridging the gap between people, process, technology, and data – that very few organisations are capable of generating.

Intellectual honesty & rigour

As your trusted AI consultant I will ensure that you receive the most accurate, effective, and sustainable AI advisory for driving your business transformation.

Strategic thinking

I take a strategic approach to AI adoption, to ensure that the solution is aligned with your overall strategy and delivers real value to your business.

Responsible AI Advocate

I can help you develop policies, governance and design frameworks that promote transparency, accountability, and fairness in AI design and implementation.

Benefits of customised AI for business transformation services

As a trusted AI consultant, I understand that embarking on an AI transformation journey can be a daunting task. That’s why I offer a human-centred approach to AI that empowers multidisciplinary collaboration and enhances your organisation’s understanding of AI maturity, goals, requirements, and vision. By tapping into collective intelligence, we can unlock the right use cases for AI and machine learning that bridge the gap between people, process, technology, and data.

Build capability to accelerate AI adoption and AI maturity

By investing in my customised AI training program for your management, leaders and staff, you can empower your employees with the knowledge and skills needed to drive a data-centric culture and reap numerous organisational benefits. Accelerating AI adoption is no longer a challenge when you partner with me. Contact me to see how I can help you in your AI transformation journey.

AI Consultant Training & AI advisory transformation service benefits

Drive collaboration and data-centric culture for sustainable transformation

By infusing a data-centric culture in your organisation, we can improve collaboration, enhance decision-making, and identify efficient processes, to stay ahead of the competition. With the AI workshops and advisory you can create an environment for collaboration, drive data-centric culture, unlock new business opportunities and innovate faster.

AI Workshop and AI advisory transformation services benefits

Experienced consultant for AI transformation across industries

Unlocking the full potential of AI is crucial for organisations to stay competitive in today’s rapidly evolving landscape. As your AI consultant and partner, I can help organisations in fintech, banking, finance, healthcare, medical services, government and public services in digital transformation.

AI consultant for fintech, banking and financial services

AI consultant for healthcare and medical services

AI consultant for government and public services

AI and ML digital transformations expertise

AI consultant and advisor for healthcare services with expertise in:

Decision Making

As an AI consultant, I can help healthcare organisations develop decision support systems that leverage AI to analyse patient data, provide real-time insights, and support clinical decision-making.

Personalised Treatment

As an AI consultant, I can help you develop high-value use case for personalised medicine using artificial intelligence and machine learning in healthcare.

Outcomes Monitoring

Every patient responds to treatments differently. As an AI consultant and advisor, I can work with you to identify a use case, create business case, and requirements for leveraging AI in healthcare.

Virtual health assistants

As an AI consultant and advisor, I bring best practices, frameworks, guidance and responsible AI tools to help you create use cases for virtual health assistance,

AI Consultant and advisor for fintech, banking and financial services with expertise in:

Fraud Detection

As an AI consultant and advisor, I can help you address fraud and risks problems in finance to identify patterns. fraudulent behaviours in financial transactions.

Compliance monitoring

Help you to unlock AI potential for compliance monitoring by tapping into unstructured data sources during AI consulting.

Predictive Analytics

Use collective intelligence during AI workshops to identify customer problems and churns to develop AI use cases.

Customise Content

Help you to understand the customer experience to deliver data driven decisions or personalised services.

AI Consultant and advisor for government services with expertise in:

Natural language processing

Together, we can find opportunities to automate government services such as customer service chatbots, document classification and analysis.

Operational Efficiency

As a partner, I provide ongoing support to identify opportunities to optimise resource allocation and utilisation in government services such as healthcare, transportation, and education

Customer Services

Identify opportunities to improve customer service by providing quick and accurate responses to common inquiries, freeing up staff time for more complex cases.

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Testimonials for AI training & workshop

Uzir Waheed

Thanks Anandhi, was lovely getting your insights into Human Centered AI frameworks.

Hussain Alamri

Excellent session Anandhi. Thank you

Wesley Francis

It was quite exciting to know your perspective and vision for the future. I assist with similar advisory of AI in my space and am so humbled by your background and expertise. It’s inspiring!

Priyanka Sukraj

I would like to thank you for the AI literacy session you hosted today, I thoroughly enjoyed it and learnt so much. It is also very inspirational to see your passion for AI advancements.

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