Why businesses are going for AI TRANSFORMATION?

Here is why businesses are transforming with AI:

  • Volume – Due to the high volume of data.
    • 64 zettabytes data in 2020
    • More than 50% data is created in the last 2 years
    • 15 billion mobile devices are used
  • Variety – diverse amount of data present
    • Structure, semi-structured and unstructured data
    • 244.4M video viewers in 2020
    • 500 million tweets/ day
  • Veracity – Trustworthyness of the data
    • Batch, real-time, streams of data processed
    • Lose of $3.1 Trillion/ year due to poor data quality in the US
    • More than 80% of data is unused in business
  • Velocity – depends on how fast data can be analysed
    • 3.5 billion searches/ day in Google
    • Average mobile upload speed is 8.55 Mbps & internet download speed is 30.78 Mbps

By – Dr Anandhi Vivek Dhukaram

Empowering the future with AI literacy training, AI Use Case, Innovation & Strategy Workshops for AI Business Transformation

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