AI Speaker – Democratise AI Adoption and Empower Leadership

AI Speaker & thought leader – Passionate about sharing the latest trends and challenges in AI

AI Speaker – Providing Real-world AI Case Studies & Guidance for Cultural Change

As an AI speaker, I bring a unique perspective and expertise in the field of AI, machine learning, and data science. My experience and knowledge allow me to deliver insightful, informative, and engaging presentations that provide practical solutions for businesses and organisations.

Additionally, I prioritise a human-centred approach to AI and emphasise the importance of building a data-centric culture to drive impactful change. This perspective sets me apart from other AI speakers who may focus solely on the technical aspects of AI without considering the human element.


Top 23 global expert in AI and Innovation


Leaders, staff & managers trained


Scientific research publications & conferences


AI Use cases researched

National and international keynote AI speaker and panelist

AI Speaking

AI Speaking in Fintech
London Tech Summit - AI Speaking
HCI Conference - AI Speaking

Provide valuable research-based insights and actionable strategies for incorporating AI

AI speaker and thought leader

AI Speaker

AI Speaker – Why do over 70% of AI projects fail? Discover how to empower your AI-enabled team to overcome these challenges in Healthcare.

AI Speaker

AI Speaker Masterclass on Why AI and ML projects Fail and How to get started with AI Digital Transformation.

AI Speaker

AI Speaker – AI In Action – Examining User Cases Of AI Transforming The Future Of Finance. How Smart Players Are Harnessing AI To Solve Real Pain Points For Their Customers & Their Business

Scientific research publications, book chapters & speaking

Experienced Speaker for AI Transformation Across Industries

Unlocking the full potential of AI is crucial for organisations to stay competitive in today’s rapidly evolving landscape. As your AI consultant and partner, I can help organisations in fintech, banking, finance, healthcare, medical services, government and public services in digital transformation.

AI consultant for fintech, banking and financial services

AI consultant for healthcare and medical services

AI consultant for government and public services

AI transformation and innovation resources

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