How Human-centered AI can Benefit your Business

As machine learning and artificial intelligence continue to evolve, so too must businesses adapt if they want to stay ahead of the curve. AI can help businesses automate and improve customer service. By understanding human emotions, cognitive abilities, and behavior, AI can provide valuable insights into customer behavior. This can improve customer satisfaction and drive increased profits.


The need for human-centred AI


  • As AI systems become increasingly powerful, it will become increasingly important to ensure that they are designed to meet human needs and values.
  • As AI systems become more widespread, there will be a greater need for ways to ensure that they are used responsibly and ethically.
  • As AI systems become more complex, there will be a greater need for ways to ensure that they are understandable and interpretable by humans.


Human-centred AI goals


  • Creating AI systems that are safe, reliable, and trustworthy.
  • It also includes creating systems that are ethical and responsible.
  • To create AI systems that are understandable and interpretable by humans.


Human-centred AI benefits


There are many benefits that come with implementing human-centered AI into your company. Customer experience becomes the priority, and you can provide a better solution for your users. By understanding your customers and how they work, you can give them exactly what they need. You can respond to issues more quickly and find ways to improve. Here are some of the key benefits you could get for your business:


  1. Responsible and ethical systems: Human-centred AI can help you in designing AI systems that are transparent and explainable so that users can understand how the AI is making decisions.
  2. Efficient decision-making: As human-centred AI includes incorporating human expertise, human biases, cognitive models and preferences into the AI system by identifying and evaluating potential options, this will help your people make informed and efficient decisions. As a result, your people’s decisions are more likely to be accurate and in line with what they would want.
  3. Reduce errors: Human-centred AI has the potential to help you reduce errors in various tasks by providing better tools for analysing and interpreting data.
  4. Improve efficiency: Human-centred AI has the ability to improve your AI solution efficiency in various tasks by identifying problems and improving efficiency by understanding how the work is currently performed and by automating repetitive tasks.
  5. Improve communication: Human-centred AI can help you improve communication and understanding between humans and machines and ultimately help humans become better decision-makers.
  6. Increase satisfaction: Your AI user experience (AIUX) is improved because human-centred AI considers the needs and preferences of your users. This results in a more user-friendly experience and increased satisfaction.
  7. Understandable and interpretable: With Human-centred AI you can create AI systems that are more understandable and interpretable by humans, making them more likely to be used effectively.
  8. Increase trust: HCAI will help you to increase trust by ensuring that the AI is designed to meet human needs and objectives through co-design and co-creation rather than replacing them.
Benefits of Human-centered AI
Human-centred AI Benefits



Dr Anandhi Vivek Dhukaram - AI research & design specialist

For more information visit or follow me on LinkedIn. I am Anandhi Vivek Dhukaram. I am a HCAI and cognitive engineering scientist, AI innovation strategist and HCI research and design Consultant/ partner. I like to write about research-based guidance and tools for designing responsible and explainable AI using human-centred AI, Human Computer Interaction principles and systems thinking approaches.

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