Specialised in human-centered design and human-computer interaction for inclusive AI research and design

Design AI that is inclusive and fair using participatory and co-creation design thinking process.

Research and design at

9 IN 10

9 in 10 top businesses invest in AI.

1 billion+

Over a billion or 15% of people live with disability. There is a need to build AI systems that works for everyone.


AI Failure rate.


About 27% of organisations who have succeeded in AI have seen a return on their investments.

Dr Anandhi Vivek Dhukaram - AI research u0026 design specialist

How to achieve inclusive and fairness in AI design?

Dr Anandhi Vivek Dhukaram

There is no magic formula to achieve an inclusive design goal than an intersectional design approach (that covers socioeconomic factors, demographic, sexuality, race and ethnicity) with a multi-disciplinary team using a human-centred design thinking process.

As AI design is complex, we need to start to design with people by creating a diverse set of user groups and iterating using participatory and co-creation design approaches through the development. This will ensure that we are designing responsible AI systems that consider representation across the different levels of products.

I will help you design measurable goals and plans for achieving inclusive, fair and unbiased AI. I use research-based approaches to guide your team in creating responsible AI systematically. I provide support at the management level to empower teams and audit the process.

Inclusive AI Design collaboration

I can help you to ensure that you build inclusive and fair AI products and services using human-centered design thinking process.

My focus areas for AI design

I can help you deliver inclusive and fair AI in the following solution areas.

Predictive Analytics

Conversational AI

AI Process Automation

NLP & Text Analysis

AI Decision Support

AI Recommenders

Lets get started with AI design

Here is how we can get started to accelerate innovation using human-centred design thinking approaches for delivering AI for all.

Explainable AI - contact Dr Anandhi

1. Contact me

Tell me about your company, AI model, and what you need to achieve.

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2. Schedule a call

I will be in touch within 48 hours to schedule a call with you for further understanding and discuss.

Explainable AI - collaborate with Dr Anandhi

3. Collaborate

We will collaborate to design AI that is fair and inclusive.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits you provide for AI design
  1. Build trust, accountability and confidence
  2. Build fair and inclusive AI
  3. Reduce bias
  4. Increase adoption
What locations do you serve?

I have worked for clients in the UK, India, Australia, Canada, Saudi Arabia, Africa, Europe and USA. I am happy to provide consultations remotely or hybrid across the globe.

What industries do you focus?

My focus is on complex systems such as healthcare, financial services, insurance, public sector, retail and education.

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