Specialised in human-centered design and human-computer interaction for inclusive AI research and design

Research and publications in HCI, cognitive systems, AI use cases and human-centred design

Research and design at

Research and journal publications

I frequently publish research findings and guidance online and in scientific journals

Personalised Medicine 

Find out templates and guidance for Personalised medicine business and use case development.

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AI Medical imaging 

Learn from real-world examples and challenges as to how you can create high-val use case for AI image analysis.

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Healthcare Diagnosis

Get frameworks & approach to see how to develop use case for diagnosing infectious diseases.

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AI Clinical Decision Support System

Discover the guidance, challenges, risks and tips for developing AI Clinical Decision Support business.

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Predictive Analytics in Healthcare

Use the template and guidance to developing use case using predictive analytics in healthcare.

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Healthcare Virtual Assistance 

See how to develop use case for AI-powered chatbots in healthcare.

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CISDA Development Process for decision aids to support self-care decision making 

The self-care management of chronic disease patients is complicated by various everyday decisions that range from routine ill-structured problems, e.g., “What to eat?” to uncertain symptoms-related decisions, e.g., “Why do I feel tired?” Such decisions can have….

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Supporting Everyday Cardiovascular Disease Self-care Decision Making: Are we there yet? 

Although some of the severe consequences of cardiovascular disease (CVD) can be minimized through vital signs monitoring and treatment adherence tools, the magnitude of CVD continues to accelerate globally..

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Higher education provision using systems thinking approach–case studies

The purpose of this paper is to highlight the complexities involved in higher education provision and how systems thinking and socio-technical systems (STS) thinking approach can be …

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End-user perception towards pervasive cardiac healthcare services: Benefits, acceptance, adoption, risks, security, privacy and trust

This study examined patient and caregiver’s perception regarding pervasive healthcare…

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Modelling elderly cardiac patients decision making using Cognitive Work Analysis: Identifying requirements for patient decision aids

Patients make various healthcare decisions on a daily basis. Such day-to-day decision making can have significant consequences on their own health, treatment… 

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A systematic approach for developing decision aids: From cognitive work analysis to prototype design and development

Cognitive Work Analysis (CWA) has proved successful in supporting Human Factors analysis, providing a system‐level view of operations …

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An Integrated Design Approach for Supporting Elderly Cardiac Patient Self-Management. 

Elderly Cardiac Patients Medication Management – Patient Day-To-Day Needs and Review of Medication Management Systems

An approach to designing interactive decision support system for cardiac patients.

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I have worked for clients in the UK, India, Australia, Canada, Saudi Arabia, Africa, Europe and USA. I am happy to provide consultations remotely or hybrid across the globe.

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My focus is on complex systems such as healthcare, financial services, insurance, public sector, retail and education.

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