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Anandhi V Dhukaram - AI Transformation Expert

About me: AI consultant & thought leader

25 years in digital transformation, research & innovation

I am an AI consultant, advisor, and thought leader in AI innovation, strategy, and digital transformation. With a unique blend of research, technical, and business expertise from both academia and industry, I specialise in AI for business transformation developing strategic agility that creates sustainable differential advantage for businesses through cutting-edge theories, research methods, and industry best practices.

As a partner, I help to boost AI maturity by building internal capabilities, empowering teams, and leveraging collective intelligence to accelerate AI adoption, drive innovation, and achieve sustainable transformation.

Whether you’re new to AI or well into your transformation journey, I am committed to navigating cultural challenges and building your AI capability. Let’s partner together to achieve your business goals.


Top 23 global expert in AI and Innovation


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AI Speaking in Fintech
London Tech Summit - AI Speaking
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Customised AI Training and Advisory to Facilitate AI Transformation

AI Transformation Services

AI Training for Leaders, Managers & Staff

Customised AI Training for leaders, managers and frontline staff to drive a culture for AI Innovation.

AI Training for Leaders, Managers and Staff
AI Workshop for use case and strategy development

AI Use Case Workshop

AI workshops to help you identify the right AI use cases and develop strategy and roadmap for AI.

Empowering Organisations for AI Transformation

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First National Bank

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Testimonials for AI training & workshop

Uzir Waheed

Thanks Anandhi, was lovely getting your insights into Human Centered AI frameworks.

Hussain Alamri

Excellent session Anandhi. Thank you

Wesley Francis

It was quite exciting to know your perspective and vision for the future. I assist with similar advisory of AI in my space and am so humbled by your background and expertise. It’s inspiring!

Priyanka Sukraj

I would like to thank you for the AI literacy session you hosted today, I thoroughly enjoyed it and learnt so much. It is also very inspirational to see your passion for AI advancements.

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