Leverage Collective Intelligence for AI Strategy, use cases, and Compliance

AI innovation challenges

Difficulty with AI use cases

AI has tremendous potential to transform businesses, but organisations face several challenges in realising this potential. In fact, according to Gartner, many organisations underestimate this complexity, resulting in a failure to deliver business value due to unclear objectives, ability to measure value, difficulty in identifying the right AI use cases that align with business objectives, data accessibility challenges., and poor management.

IBM has found that over 50% of these challenges arise due to a lack of executive commitment, challenges proving business value, difficulty identifying use cases with the greatest business value, and a lack of an appropriate strategy.

Lack of AI strategy

As an AI consultant and thought leader, I’ve researched the failure of numerous AI projects and have found that achieving AI maturity is a key challenge for organisations. More than 75% of AI projects fail and research shows that only 3% of organisations in finance and healthcare are considered ‘AI Achievers’. AI maturity doesn’t just include technology capabilities, but also considers organisational strategy, AI governance, and strategic alignment.

How to get started with AI workshop?

I provide customised AI strategy, innovation, and use case workshops to help your business achieve its goals by tailoring the workshop to your specific needs, goals, and requirements. With just five easy steps, I work closely with your team to find the right AI opportunities and strategically transform your business.

1. Assess Requirements

We’ll have a 30-60 minute discussion to understand your organisation’s AI maturity, goals, and requirements.

2. Workshop Proposal

Based on our conversation. I’ll create one or more customised proposals ranging from single to multiple workshops from 2-5 days.

3. Prepare Workshop

I will prepare for the materials for workshop that will be tailored to your sector and organisational needs and goals.

4. Deliver Workshop

You can choose to have the workshop delivered online or in-person on the dates and time that suits your team.

AI strategy, innovation & use case workshops services

Identify most impactful AI use case

Enhance collaboration & leverage collective intelligence

3-5 days

  • We take a collaborative human-centred approach, working with stakeholders across your organisation to understand pain points, challenges, needs, bottlenecks and user experiences.
  • We will explore the data accessibility and quality, skill sets required, and resources needed for AI implementation.
  • We will then use a holistic systems thinking approach to identify potential use cases that could provide the most significant impact.
  • We will prioritise the use cases based on their potential impact, feasibility, and alignment with the organisation’s strategic goals.

AI strategy & roadmap for transformation

Drive data-centric culture

3-5 days

  • We will assess your organisation’s AI maturity, including use cases, tools, technologies, and governance policies.
  • Create an AI strategy and align it with business objectives to ensure coherence between AI and organisational goals.
  • Create a plan for AI implementation based on prioritised use cases. We’ll also identify the necessary data sources, tools, and technologies needed for AI.
  • Further, we will develop a plan for measuring success and monitoring AI progress and pre-requisite for responsible AI.

AI discovery & innovation

Drive responsible AI innovation

3-5 days

  • Create a problem statement that defines the user’s needs, the problem you want to solve, and the benefits you want to achieve using AI for the use case.
  • Brainstorm with stakeholders, including representatives from different departments, to generate a list of requirements and needs to address the problem statement.
  • Participants are encouraged to generate a large quantity of ideas based on a knowledge of existing AI cases studies. The ideas are refined and narrowed down to the most promising solution.
  • Create a low-fidelity prototype and refine the use case based on participant’s feedback.

Strategy for AI governance & risks

Boost AI maturity

3-4 days

  • We will assess your current governance and risk management practices – this involves identifying the current policies and procedures in place for managing AI risks and governance. It is important to understand the gaps and areas of improvement.
  • We will define governance and risk management objectives – Determine the desired outcomes of the workshop, such as reducing AI risks, ensuring regulatory compliance, and protecting sensitive data.
  • We will assign roles and responsibilities for ensuring governance and accountability.
  • Create pre-requisits for achieving trustworthy and responsible AI from best practice guidelines.

Benefits of AI innovation, strategy & use case workshops

By investing in my customised AI strategy, innovation and use case workshop, you can empower your employees with latest trends to provide insights for generating ideas for improving efficiency in your organisation. With improved collaboration and leveraging collective intelligence we can find high impact AI use cases and achieve strategic alignment with your business goals. Driving AI innovation is no longer a challenge when you partner with me. It’s a smart investment that will help your organisation thrive in the age of AI.

AI Use Case Discovery
Identify & Prioritise Use Cases
AI Strategy & Roadmap
AI Governance & Risk Management

Experienced consultant across industries

Unlocking the full potential of AI is crucial for organisations to stay competitive in today’s rapidly evolving landscape. As your AI consultant and partner, I can help organisations in fintech, banking, finance, healthcare, medical services, government and public services in digital transformation.

AI consultant for fintech, banking and financial services

AI consultant for healthcare and medical services

AI consultant for government and public services

AI and ML innovation use case & strategy expertise

AI consultant and advisor for healthcare services with expertise in:

Decision making

As an AI consultant, I can help healthcare organisations develop decision support systems that leverage AI to analyse patient data, provide real-time insights, and support clinical decision-making.

Personalised treatment

As an AI consultant, I can help you develop high-value use case for personalised medicine using artificial intelligence and machine learning in healthcare.

Outcomes monitoring

Every patient responds to treatments differently. As an AI consultant and advisor, I can work with you to identify a use case, create business case, and requirements for leveraging AI in healthcare.

Virtual health assistants

As an AI consultant and advisor, I bring best practices, frameworks, guidance and responsible AI tools to help you create use cases for virtual health assistance,

AI Consultant and advisor for fintech, banking and financial services with expertise in:

Fraud detection

As an AI consultant and advisor, I can help you address fraud and risks problems in finance to identify patterns. fraudulent behaviours in financial transactions.

Compliance monitoring

Help you to unlock AI potential for compliance monitoring by tapping into unstructured data sources during AI consulting.

Predictive analytics

Use collective intelligence during AI workshops to identify customer problems and churns to develop AI use cases.

Customise content

Help you to understand the customer experience to deliver data driven decisions or personalised services.

AI Consultant and advisor for government services with expertise in:

Natural language processing

Together, we can find opportunities to automate government services such as customer service chatbots, document classification and analysis.

Operational efficiency

As a partner, I provide ongoing support to identify opportunities to optimise resource allocation and utilisation in government services such as healthcare, transportation, and education

Customer services

Identify opportunities to improve customer service by providing quick and accurate responses to common inquiries, freeing up staff time for more complex cases.

Empowering workforces around the globe

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Aramco Executives


Executives Training in AI


AI Training for Executive MBAs



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Excellent session Anandhi. I just wanted to say ‘Thank you’ for enlightening me.

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I would like to thank you for the AI literacy session you hosted today, I thoroughly enjoyed it and learnt so much. It is also very inspirational to see your passion for AI advancements.

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